For many young men, life becomes overly difficult and overwhelming. Choosing the correct path, making positive decisions that will foster a great future and even day to day struggles are no easy task. We often see those who’ve failed, living through struggle and some who seem to have succeeded at life.

This series of courses are designed to teach every student just how important it is to create a specific mindset and corresponding habits. Living a life of success is not just about money, but about how one truly feels on a daily, weekly and even yearly basis. Family, friends, travel, and fun are just a few of the things that successful people value more than money.


 Workshop & Time

Male Personal Development & Relationship Preparation Course

Gentlemen Workshop – 1 Hour
Gentlemen Workshop – 2 Hour
Gentlemen Workshop – 4 Hour (2 Days)
Gentlemen Workshop – 8 Hours (4 Days)
Gentlemen Workshop – 12 Hours (6 Days + Book)